We have been delinquent with the updates over the last few years often engrossed with projects, teaching, and family obligations – life. The pandemic has forced us to reflect on our personal losses and health, and the immediate impact on our creative goals has encouraged us to put everything on pause for the interim.

2021 marks a 30 year milestone for us so we intend to be back soon with new works and lots more archival entries.

Stay Safe!!


Combining high art conventions with folk metaphor and eastern dance ideals with western idioms into his signature raw brute force, Canadian Choreographer Gabreïl Spiegelschrift has created what Dance International has called “gutsy and distinct” live performances and award winning dance film projects that have been presented and broadcasted through out Canada, the United States and Europe.

Created in 1991 the contemporary dance theatre and film ensemble THEVARS has been centred around Spiegelschrift's mesh of ancient and esoteric inspirations with cutting edge dance theatre. Since 2004 Canadian Dancer and Creator Karen Rose has been featured in the projects.