THEVARS is a contemporary dance theatre and film ensemble centred around the work of Canadian choreographer Gabreïl Spiegelschrift.

Some of the projects contain material and subject matter that are intended for mature audiences.
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Tangó na dTuaitíní uimhre 8

Tangó na dTuaitíní uimhre 8

The Bogmen's Tango #8

Tangó na dTuaitíní umhre 8 comprises of three sections (6,7,8) interacting with an assortment of characters  during the various stages of a wedding. Set in the early days of the Irish Republic before the Second World War, the strain of modernization takes its toll on the relationship of the characters, including the tone of the Public Dance Halls Act (1935) that is starts destroying the culture it was meant to protect.

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